Vehicle Tracking System

      Vehicle Tracking system helps monitor all the vehicles in the fleet from a single window and we can track all the records for a particular vehicle with a single touch. system helps monitor all the vehicles in the fleet from a single window and we can track all the records for a particular vehicle with a single touch.

    The data which is being generated by the fleet of devices is automatically retrieved by the central server which is then transferred to the local system in the form of excel reports and these reports can be accessed by an authorised person having the correct credentials, through any internet accessible device.

    Our Vehicle Tracking system fulfils the needs and strict security regulations for government applications. This system will be capable of delivering satellite data communications and immediate delivery of GPS fleet tracking information as this is very essential when it comes to providing solutions to government organizations. Tracking limitations related to location and time are not an option for the government.

      Mobile resources must be tracked and information about their location, status and other operational data must be available immediately and with high degree of accuracy. Where voice is not an option, this provides an efficient and reliable method for directing resources and responding to situations that may be urgent.

Cloud based Vehicle Tracking from Simply Safe

  • Simply Safe Vehicle Tracking system has many advanced features through which any department can manage their vehicles with ease and monitor it online.
  • Access rights to selective drivers in the vehicle pool.
  • Vehicle information database accessible all time from anywhere.
  • Automatic PUCC test and reporting.
  • Location tracking and number of kilometres travelled information.
  • Mobile/web based applications to monitor all the functions.
  • Easy integration with real time mapping .
  • Easy to install hardware.
fuel sensor device

fuel theft control
Backend Features of the System

  • Extremely user friendly.
  • No software installation at individual spots as it is an internet based.
  • Vehicle information database accessible all time from anywhere.
  • Data available anytime / anywhere.
  • No way to manipulate data on reader

Technologies Used

  • OBD
  • GPRS
  • Access control mechanism
  • Backend server

Devices For Vehicle Tracking

Assets Tracker GPS

      Each and every consignment dispatched will be tagged with our tracking devices. This will enable the proper authorities to track their consignment when it is on the move. The system will give tracking via SMS or GPRS, real time GPS locating on demand will be shown on the back-end. 3-5 Years battery working time (1-2 location / Day).

  • No installation,no power supply, easy using
  • IP67 Water-proof, can be used in open air
  • Four low self-consuming Li-battery (6000mAH)
  • App/Web/Wechat Locate
  • Geo-fence alarm can be set
  • User change working mode by sms
  • GPS + LBS can be used indoor locate;
  • Universal four Band GSM module
  • Suit for personal or Vehicle Tracking
Portable GPS Tracker

     User can control different working modes for different uses, it can work without a platform, just send SMS to check the current location, also it can upload a location to the sever by user setting time interval, and more sending SMS can make the tracker to go to sleep and weak up and locate one time every day, this GPS tracker suit for personal tracking, Vehicle Tracking or outdoor workers tracking.

  • Portable design,no installation,easy using
  • Big Li-battery(5200mAH) standby time up to 50 days
  • SMS/Calling/App/Web/Wechat locate
  • Can be worked without platform
  • 5 different geo-fence in or out alarm can be set
  • Built in shock sensor for shock alarm
  • User change work & report mode by sms
  • GPS + LBS can be used indoor locate
  • Universal 4 band GSM module
  • Auto configure APN
  • Low battery alarm
  • Auto sleep & weak up & locate time can be set
  • Suit for personal or Vehicle Tracking
3G OBD GPS Tracker

     This device is very easy to install as it only needs an OBD port in the vehicle in which it will be plugged and it will work. Its built in shock sensor to control power & internet data saving. No wires ,no connections are required. This GPS tracker can be used as a car alarm, fleet management, driver management etc, it can be used for tracking cars, company vehicles, buses, taxis, trucks, etc

  • OBD interface, DIY no installation
  • Diagnostic Car Status(reply by SMS)
  • Auto download & config APN & GPRS setting
  • Listen sound around tracker
  • App (Android & iPhone) / WeChat / Web / SMS / Wap locate
  • Built in Shock Sensor for Car Move and Shock Alarm
  • Shock sensor control uploading to save car battery power
  • Cell ID locate when no GPS (Indoor or underground)
  • Universal GSM / WCDMA Band for Global network
  • Wide working voltage: 9-45V DC

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