Smart Attendance System

      Smart Attendance system is a very feasible solution to all the problems faced by teachers and parents regarding the attendance of their children/students. This system is comprised of only two things, the attendance device and the student smart cards which once deployed on school premises will enable the authorities to track the attendance of the students at school level, class level as well as any individual student.

     On a daily bases an auto generated SMS will be sent to all the students who are absent on that particular day after the specified time. The student only needs to tap his/her smart card on the attendance device. As soon as this is done the attendance for that student will be marked and at the same time the data will be pushed to the cloud, where his/her attendance can be seen.

     Simply Safe is providing this Attendance system to the corporate world. Employees can mark their attendance anywhere, anytime and track all activities online. The employer will get all the daily, weekly, and monthly reports. The employer can manage HR solutions, payroll,leave, official visits, and upcoming holidays. Simply Safe provides free Attendance system for one month with free domain, no need to pay extra money.

Shift Scheduling

Simply Safe Attendance system easy to use shift planning function gives extensive flexibility to the shift planner. Shifting module can handle wide variation from creating multiple shift, break shift, weekly rotation policy and monthly / quarterly manpower plans

Payroll Management

Simply Safe Attendance system provides Number of working days,calculated working hours, Number of leaves, official visits of a employee

Leave Management

Online leave management Define Leave Type and Policy Send Leave Application online Approve Leave from email Track Employees on Leave Leave Summary and Detail Reports Leave/Official Visits Posting Facility

Smart Active Attendance system
Simply Safe is introducing smart active Attendance system. This system comprises of only two things the Walk Free Attendance device and the Student smart cards.

  • Group attendance faclilty.
  • Wireless plug and play system
  • Very economical.
  • No need of internet to run reader.
  • No need of computer to run reader.
  • Daily customized absentee report and attendances register, with less administration work.
  • Improve students attendance ratio.
  • Very easy to operate, no need for skilled professionals.
  • Our hardware and software solutions are customized according to the school's needs.
  • Real-time student entry dashboard.
  • Report on email & SMS every day
Assets Tracking Process

Smart Passive Attendance system
Assets Tracking Process
  • Individual student attendance and reporting system to increase parent knowledge about the importance of attendance.
  • Auto generation SMS facility to all the absent student to ensure students who are not attending school their parents are being acknowledged and addressed, in order to avoid any mishap.
  • To increase attendance at school by reporting about the irregularity of the student to the parents through graphical reports and ledgers.
  • Leave notes facility for every student.
  • Easy upload of bulk data form excel files to cloud server.
  • Student, teachers and management registration process for access control.
  • Graphical and tabular reporting system at different levels like daily report, monthly report, class wise report etc.

 Both the active and passive readers are 3G enabled which will helps to send the records of the attendance instantly to the cloud server where the data can be maintained and updated in real time. Effective and efficient attendance can be marked without any manual intervention. These cards have pre-feed person information which allows the reader to update his/her attendance record with a single touch or when found in range. The new Hi-tech system, which is a replacement to attendance registers with cloud based software through which presence of a student in school premises constable is electronically recorded along with date and time.

Assets Tracking Device

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