Asset Tracking System

Assets Tracking is a location based service that helps you track the safety and location of assets such as cargo, documents etc while in transit, anytime, anywhere In our system each and every consignment dispatched will be tagged with our tracking devices. This will enable the concern authorities to track their consignment when it is on the move. The system will give Tracking via SMS or GPS, Real time GPS locating on demand will be shown on the back-end.

     We can also Set automatic tracking by distance or time interval, in this after traveling certain distance or time the device will send its location to the Back-end. The actual location name can be given via SMS or internet. The device is capable of providing LBS support and we can also locate their position even under subway. The device has a 4MB data logger for network blind area.

The devices will be powered by 6000 mAh inbuilt battery, which will provide 3-5 Years battery back-up working time (1-2 location / Day) . Full Service Platform for the tracking system will be installed on the servers of the client for best monitoring. In the service platform there will be an additional facility for admin rights for the consigner and the user rights for the consignee, in which the user can track their assignments only. Our Assets Tracking Services help you get real-time location information of your valuable business assets, on and off-site consignments. It is ideal for consigner, consignee and third party logistics service providers who want to take benefit from real-time update of their cargo in transit.

Assets Tracking Process

Assets Tracking Device components
Features & Technical Specification

  • 3-5 Years battery working time (1-2 location / Day)
  • No installation,No power supply, Easy using
  • IP67 Water-proof, can be used in open air
  • 4 low self-consuming Li-battery (6000mAH)
  • App/Web/Wechat Locate
  • Geo-fence alarm can be set
  • User change working mode by SMS
  • GPS + LBS can be used indoor locate
  • Universal 4 Band GSM module
  • Suit for personal or Assets Tracking
  • The SIM card need enable GPS internet data service, every locating data cost is lower than 1K
  • Byte, every day 1-2 locating will cost 60K byte every month

Additional Features that makes difference

  • Manage and track your Fleet Vehicles online anytime, anywhere.
  • Over speed Alarm
  • Break Geo-fence Alarm.
  • The tracking data on our server will keep 6-12 months.
  • Built in GSM / GPS Antenna .
  • Working Temperature - 20 'C to + 55 'C
  • Absolute Temperature -35 'C to +70 'C
  • Storage Temperature -40 'C to +80 'C
  • 1 year additional warranty which makes it longest 2 year of warranty
Assets Tracking Device

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